Thursday, April 17, 2008

My bride has a blog

and I'm loving it! more so because since I'm coming in at the end (day-of coordination), I can keep up with her and the progression of her wedding plans. Maybe even keep an eye out for some retro plates for her this summer. Hey Crystal, one word: Freecycle ('s a secret). But seriously, for a bride (if you have the time) a blog is a great planning tool for both you and your planner.


Erin said...

oooh... leslie, thanks for posting this. i'm soooo looking forward to photographing crystal and nick's wedding - even more so after taking a quick look at their blog!

Crystal said...

Omigoodness!! What's the emoticon for blushing? :D Well I've gotten much enjoyment out of your blog, Leslie, so I guess it's only fair to try and return the favor. Happy blogging all around! (And thanks for the heads up on Freecycle... I'm definitely going to check that out.)

Angel said...

That's so cool...some of my clients have wedding websites, but no blogs yet. I can't wait though!