Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

By Tracey, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge, which means I have to list 5 songs that I am embarrassed to admit I secretly love. You see the trouble with that request is that the songs I should love secretly, I am very open about, which embarrasses the heck out of my family and friends. They are:

1. Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith - When I was a kid I thought I'd never stop loving this song, and I haven't.
2. Look What The Cat Dragged In by Poison - As a teenager I went through a metal phase. It was short-lived to the relief of my family and so they called off the intervention. However, intervention or not, they could not stop me from loving song #3.
3. You Don't Have To Be Irish To Be Irish by Roy Budd - Okay, you have to know me to truly appreciate the humor in this one.
4. The Rainbow Connection by Kermit - Backoff Miss Piggy! and finally,
5. When I Need You by Rod Stewart - Sigh.

Yeah, that's right. I was a child of the 80's. Now, I have to find seven people to tag, who haven't already been tagged. Any takers?


Perfect Settings said...

Aaaahhh... looovve When I need you - but I like the original version. I like the Rainbow Connection, too. I used to play this for my kids when they were going off to sleep (hey, how old are you anyway?).
Glad you blogged this... very interesting.

Leslie said...

Daisy - who sang the original to When I Need Love? I remember it from The Muppet Show. Hey, does this mean I'm a young'n?