Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to deal with the stress

Recently, my twice monthly massages have turned into weekly massages (it's become something of an obsession). I love the way I feel the day after: refreshed and renewed, and ready to take on the world. My spa loves me too. These days I get discounts, and I've heard my name used in conjunction with words such as "preferred customer". I've had a chance to be treated by every therapist in the place, so now I know who's terrible. Who talks too much. Who uses way too much pressure. Whose hands are too rough. And most importantly: Who is the absolute best! I've got my favorite locker, my favorite time of day to visit, my favorite spot in the steam room, my favorite shower... I could just as easily run forty minutes a day, six days a week and with time look as good as I feel, but to each her own.

Okay, I have a point, so let me get to it.

Stress is a big part of wedding planning. As a planner, I do my best to shield my clients from it, but there are some stressors that I can't control: family, friends, fiance/fiancee, finances and themselves, so instead I look for ways to help them deal with the stress (and, btw, I'm speaking to the minority here, because no two weddings are the same and not all couples experience external or internal stress during the planning process). For me, visiting the spa often to have the toxins rubbed out of my body does wonders for my well-being, but it's also a treat, so most of the time I use a tip I learned from my frequent spa visits: Breathing.

Don't say it, don't say it, I've heard it all my life too, but it's only now that I fully appreciate it.

Take a long deep breath and then drop it (like a huge sigh). Let your body drop with it too. Or as my favorite therapist says, "let it all fall down." You can't look pretty or cute doing this either. Especially when the stress is at it's worst: breathe and drop. Breathe and drop. Breathe and drop.

Do this throughout your day and soon you'll notice just how much time you spend clenching some part of your body, and eventually you'll also notice what situations make you clench, so you can avoid them (if you can).

There's one caveat though, people will often ask: "why are you sighing?"

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Crystal said...

That sounds fantastic! I wish I was smart enough to go for weekly massages.. I'll have to make sure it's one of those things I do before the wedding rolls around, though. If there's any time to pamper, it would be then. :)