Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love grows

I received a favor sample in the mail this past week from a supplier. It’s a little pink heart made out of plantable paper, and across the front is a banner that reads: love grows. Reminds of something my mother’s neighbor said to her when she asked him why was he still arranging marriages for his daughters.

When I was growing up wedding favors used to be white plastic drink stirrers with a bride and groom at the top and the only difference from wedding to wedding was the color of the ink and the font used to inscribe the names of the couple and their wedding date. My mother has a cup full of these in her curio. She uses them to send anniversary cards every year. Bless her heart.

Fortunately, favors have evolved. Today there are favors to help enhance your d├ęcor, carry through your theme, edible favors, favors that advance a cause, favors rooted in symbolism and religion, and favors that express your style and personality as a couple.

Favors, I believe, over the years have moved up in importance and are now right up there with finding the right dress. However, many couples do not think about favors until the last few weeks of the planning, when the big bills are due, and an extra $800 feels like an extra $8,000, and so the stress ramps up and those plantable heart shaped favors don’t look so bad afterall. They’re .99 cents, they grow beautiful flowers, and love grows beautifully, like a garden, when watered and nurtured. Somebody say it with me, loud enough so Susan Powter can here us: “Stop the insanity!”

Step back and ask yourselves: what would you like your guests to take away from your wedding other than memories of a good time and feeling honored to be a part of your day. Sometimes that is enough.

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