Monday, March 24, 2008

Borrowing from the British

I'm helping my niece and her fiance plan their fall nuptials, so for inspiration, I went abroad. I bought one of those $9.95 British wedding magazines that weigh a pound (pun intended), and spent the afternoon reading about hire companies and hen parties, and decided that I rather enjoyed reading their Real Weddings section more than any other I've read to date. What I loved more than trying to guess the budget in American dollars, was that they all seemed to start at around noon and end after midnight. There's the ceremony, canapes, the wedding breakfast, a gap of time to play games or snog with your honey (yeah, I know, I just wanted to use the word), and the evening party to "splash out". Then, as buyer's remorse started to set in (really, $10 bucks? that's three lattes with change left over to throw in the tip jar), it struck me - inspiration - what I'd like to borrow from the British: A day long celebration of food, family, and friends! And all because a boy loves a girl. Or because the girl's aunt feels that $20-$30,000 should go a lot further than 5-7 hours.

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Green Orchid Events said...

Leslie, this is hilarious. I had to google "hen party" recently. I think I'll have to go get myself a British magazine now!