Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finding inspiration

I have to admit, I love looking at the inspiration boards on other people's blogs and bios. I like to see what makes people tick. I also like to see what they dig up. For me, everything is inspiration- pictures, objects, food- the day I saw these beach bottles on Rosanna, I was inspired to design a wedding in Nantucket. And when I saw these Darjeeling dishes, I wanted to throw an Indian-themed dinner party on my deck (oh wait, I don't have a deck). Today, I was in West Elm and I saw natural lichen on sale for .97 cents, and I wanted to create a tablescape around it.

Inspiration is not copying. I've seen brides rip entire weddings out of a magazine and say: "I want this wedding in blue." There's nothing wrong with that, but I feel strongly that it's much more fun to come up with your own masterpiece. And no, you do not have to be creative to be inspired to create. Start with a vision or idea and then find the objects, pictures, food, music (or a wedding planner with 200+ bookmarks and a box full of stuff) that helps you to define it or as Susie Coelho puts it: "make it a visible reality." I came up with the motif for my own wedding from a candle with a Bible verse taped to it. When my fiance and I told an older lady, a close friend of his, of our engagement, she gave us each a candle with the same verse taped to it and told us to burn it when we pray for each other. I gave him both candles (afterall, it's his friend), but I did keep the verse, because three words from the verse inspired me: "In one accord." I designed an entire wedding around those three words.

However, if you're currently working on your own inspiration board or wedding, and feeling a bit uninspired, before you give up and start copying somebody else's wedding detail for detail, give yourself some downtime. I know for me, most days I'm squeezed between deadlines and timelines and I cannot drum up a creative idea to save my life, but when I take some time to relax and pull myself away from the work, then and only then can I allow my surroundings to inspire, rather than stress, me.

Of course, sometimes creativity needs editing, but that's another post.

(I was inspired by Colin Cowie's book to write this post, and I haven't even bought it yet).

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