Friday, January 18, 2008

What I'm loving today

Silhouette Art!
Okay, so I'm not really loving it yet, but it's one of the 2008 trends to watch. Brides and grooms looking for something different to offer their guests are commissioning Los Angeles-based paper artist Karl Johnson to create freehand silhouettes of their guests.

Karl creates his silhouettes purely through looking at the subject and then cutting the subject out of paper with a pair of scissors. The traditional way. They're not just a work of art, but also a keepsake that can be passed down for generations (you won't be picking these up off the tables at the end of the night).

Check out more of Karl's work here:


jen said...

you are right. They are everywhere! will do silhouettes from photos if the couple can't afford having an artist on hand at the event.

Anonymous said...

This looks like something my parents had done of me when I was a kid. I didn't realize it was a lost art form, but the silhouette portrait I have is really nice. Thanks for staying on top of all of the new trends.