Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The other three r's

Rest, relax and recharge.

I made one resolution this year: to take better care of myself. And by that I mean two monthly massages instead of one. It's how I skip rest and relax and go straight to recharge. Last week, I was putting together a spa retreat for a group of men and women, and the hotel's spa manager turned me on to their web site: Find Renewal or marketing for Westin hotels. Either way, I have found the daily tips by Westin's panel of "renewal experts," which includes notables like TLC's (now HGTV's) Vern Yip, to be rather helpful, and I must admit, free, is a lot easier to swallow than $105 plus 20% gratuity.

Why should you care? because if you're recently engaged, here's your new mantra: "relax, relate, release" and if you're in the home stretch of your wedding planning, just a few weeks out from the big day, then you need to know the other three r's: "rest, relax and recharge."

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Angel said...

Definitely. I just made a similar commitment to myself this morning and just knowing I have a massage coming is helping me relax.