Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's January

Do you know what that means? new wedding magazines! I bought an armful this morning. Inside Weddings, Town & Country Weddings, Brides Washington, and a new one: La Bella Bride.
I love discovering new wedding magazines. To date, I've discovered about 12. Two of which I will buy again (not all wedding magazines are created equal). However, I have found a reason to justify spending $6.95 on La Bella Bride - PICTURES! - lots and lots of pretty pictures of flowers and cakes and food. I love weddings!


Angel said... magazines are both inpsirational and addictive. I've got on my nightstand that keeps growing.

AIR said...

What's a trip to the grocery store without a wedding, decor, or cooking mag? I thought they were a requirement otherwise why would the located at the checkout counter???? Duh! Would you mind sharing the "12" that you keep throwing in your buggy(yes, I'm from the south and say things like buggy!!)?