Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blue is the new weddings!

Blue - the color of sky and water.

I took this photo from my hotel balcony this weekend. I was working, believe it or not, at a lovely resort on the beach. And as I stood there and watched three blue weddings take place on the sands below, I thought of this year's advertising mantra: "Blue is the new green." The "green" of the environment. Blue, Pantone's color of the year is expected to rule wedding trends for 2008 (and quite possibly 2009) as people (or marketers) become more environmentally conscious. As I watched the ceremonies take place, each wedding party - the groomsmen in sand colored suits, the bridesmaids in a varying shades of blue just like the varying shades of the ocean - I wondered: are they even aware that 'blue is the new green' or are they just trying to match their environment or stay true to their beach themes?
So I ran downstairs, yes indeed, to stop by every ballroom and check out the setup before the guests entered, and to my relief, there was nary a seashell or starfish in sight. However, green and brown dominated all three color schemes. Making me realize that these three brides were more in-tune with the trends than I had credited them, and saving money by using the same florals (smart girls). I guess blue is the new green for 2008.
However, as I made my way back to my balcony, I noticed that the sun was setting and the sky and sea both had changed colors to a golden sunset orange. Now there's a color of the year! I mean if we're talking colors that represent nature or colors that are "organic", the possibilities are far greater than Blue Iris.


teardrop said...

beautiful jelous you can work from the beach!

Angel said...

You beat me to it! I was going to do a post on Pantone's color of the year...I had no idea this kind of thing even existed.

Leslie said...

Well, the NY Times beat us both to it, so don't worry about it. Post away!