Friday, December 21, 2007

Party!: DIY Centerpiece

Suicide blond shared this DIY centerpiece idea with me around Thanksgiving, and I had not planned to blog about it until I had tried to re-create it myself, but, considering that it's the Friday before Christmas, I'm super tired AND I'm waiting for my mother to arrive "to share some holiday cheer with me (using the sarcastic voice)", I guess I'd better post it now, because the chances that I actually get to try this one out this holiday season are slim and none. I've posted Suicide Blond's message below:
basically i strung together a few willow branches with jewelry wire... and suspended them from the ceiling... then clipped little feathered bird ornaments to the branches... a few pine cones and amber ornaments later.... had a reallly great...."display" that was..

-super easy
-out of the in ..nobody trying to peer around some weird centerpiece thing... and not taking up premium real estate on the thanksgiving dinner table...
-cool enough that folks didnt notice that my turkey was a little dry...(ok ok...maybe a few noticed..)

for just gonna spray the branches white... and switch the fall colored ornaments with silvery ones... voila'
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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