Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year, New Name?

A few days ago, I was perusing a bridal board where the topic of whether or not a woman should take her husband's name after marriage was the hot debate. There were several positions. Those who felt they would have it no other way. Those who felt that taking their husband's name meant their name was somehow insignificant, so they adamantly refuse to change their names. Those who worried that by taking their husband's name they'll lose their professional identity. And finally, those who decided to compromise with their husbands and create a hypenated last name, a la Jolie-Pitt, or to combine both last names to create one new family name.

Perhaps because I am the type of person who likes order, I didn't give a second thought as to whether or not I would take my fiance's last name. It just fits. However, I did decide to keep my father's name as my middle name, because of my professional identity, and because I like it. Not so much my fiance's name. However, I am opening a new door in my life this new year, so why not a new name?

Happy New Year one and all!


Anonymous said...

I bargained with my husband. I took his last name and I get to name any and all kids!

I let him have veto power with the first but in the end I got to decide!

My last name was quite boring before. Now it's unusual, but can't say I love it either. Maybe we both should have gone with Jolie-Pitt. :)

Leslie said...

Leslie Jolie-Pitt. Hey, not bad. Why didn't I think of that? said...

me too! I didn't think twice about it- and Tomasulo is a mouth full!
I made my last name my middle name, as in Southern tradition I am now Meredith Sellers Tomasulo.

I couldn't imagine dropping Sellers, it meant more then Ann.

SCFalley said...

Hmmmm that's an interesting take on the name thing. I am still in school but I have just got married. So i decided to keep my name until after I graduate (in a few months). I am excited to take my husbands name...however I am really considering the hyphanated thing lol....