Friday, December 14, 2007

Help choosing your color(s)

There are at least 100 ways that women go about choosing their wedding day color(s), and today I want to introduce you to 101. It’s called Colorstrology.

According to Colorstrology, your monthly color is like your sun sign, corresponding to your unique qualities and attributes; it is a color to surround yourself with.

On the site’s color chart, every day of the month is characterized by three key words that resonate with your core personality traits. "The key words that belong to your birthday are like musical notes that help you harmonize the various parts of your life."

So, I had to bite. For my birth date, my color is Purple Heather (complete with Pantone number to help me find the correct shade) and my three key words are: Leader, Organizer, and Decision Maker (and no, I did not write it myself).

However, Purple Heather? I think not.


Twistie said...

My color turned out to be Beryl Green, and my words were Determined, Knowledgable, and Quick-witted.

It noted that I like to share knowledge through words...which seems about right for a Blogger, and that I don't lead an average life.

The green is pretty enough, I guess, but I'm glad that wasn't one used widely at my wedding. I like your color better.

Leslie said...

twistie - green is my favorite color. Although, I wouldn't want it as my wedding color either, because I would want it to continue to be my favorite color.