Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The smash up

So, while overdosing on the WE Network's wedding line-up marathon this past weekend, my mother, who was subjected to watching hours of Bridezilla, Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Wedding Central and Platinum Weddings with me by virtue of owning the house and the television I was monopolizing, said two things: "If I hear one more bride whine that 'it's her day,' I'm breaking the television." And: "If I see one more groom smash cake in the bride's face, I'm breaking the television." I thought it wise at that moment to change the channel. However, her latter comment spawned a 20-minute debate on cake smashing. I don't have a strong opinion on smashing the cake in each other's faces, I guess I should, but I don't. To me, the act itself means different things to different people. Some wedding guests (and/or TV viewers) witness the bride and groom smash cake into each other's faces and think spousal abuse and divorce are not too far behind. Others think the couple is simply not sophisticated. And still others think the couple is fun and they don't take themselves too seriously. Me, personally, I don't like it, but that's because I'm old (fashioned). I love the symbolism of the cake cutting. The sharing of the couple's first meal, with the groom, the provider, guiding the hand of the bride, the preparer, as she cuts the cake and then lovingly feeding her the first bite. Although, I have witnessed many a bride shoving a slice of cake into the groom's mouth first. Some wedding guests see that act as the bride being a doormat for her husband from this day forward. Others may see it as the bride being the breadwinner, the one wearing the pants in the household, and still others will just think they're simply not sophisticated.

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Blue Orchid Designs said...

I'm the same in that I don't have strong feelings either way, and I don't try to read too much into what it means for the couple. I personally don't like it just because it messes up the brides makeup! So vain. :)