Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rich bride, poor bride

Speaking of wedding shows on WE, I had my fill of this Canadian import this past weekend. It was not what I was expecting. It was all about the budget. "It's I do - but at what cost?" (the show's tagline). The show follows a couple planning their wedding day. At the beginning of the show the wedding planner (whose fee is covered by the producers, although you wouldn't know that by watching the show since the wedding planner's fee is a part of the couple's budget) is given an envelope with said budget. This amount is not revealed until the end of the show, after the wedding, when the couple reveals the original budget and the actual budget. It was interesting watching the couple's try to stay in budget as they made compromises and came up with cost-cutting ideas. Some of them downright awful. Like the groom who responded to the question of an open bar by remarking: "I don't want to pay for other people's alcohol." Hmm...I'm sure they don't want to pay for your wedding either, but... The fun part of the show for me was guessing the various budgets through the couple's choices. It was amazing to see how some $20,000 plus weddings looked like the couple spent $4,000, and some $10,000 weddings looked like $70,000. A matter of taste, know-how and style indeed (and that extends to the planners as well).


bridalwishlist said...

omg, this is one of my LEAST favorite shows on WE. i saw one show where the groom told the bride that she couldn't spend money on flowers but since he wanted a cake, they had to have one. i must have missed the show where they had $70,000.

planning...forever events said...

What a fun blog!

This series is plain crazy as they try to create an adversary relationship between the clients and the planner. I don't like to work like that.

Okay...but in one episode recently when the cake fell....hysterical! And I think it was done ON purpose because of the cake insurance.