Thursday, September 27, 2007

No longer just for flower girls

One of my favorite florist just told me that lately more and more brides are requesting pomander bouquets (A flower or foliage covered ball or cone suspended from a loop of ribbon or pearls) as opposed to the popular hand-tied nosegay or (gasp) the cascade. Everything old is new again! I guess the pomander is due, afterall it hasn't been popular since the Elizabethan age.


Sarah Moffett said...

Can you recommend a few florists in the DC metro area? I've had to give up my personal favorite, York Florists, and am looking for a new favorite. You obviously would know the best with your expertise. Suggestions?

Leslie said...

Sarah - it really depends on what type of florist you're looking for. York Florists I suppose is in line with shops like Greenworks and The Flower Market. However, I rarely work with shops. I favor the independent artist, so to speak.