Thursday, September 6, 2007

The "IT" dress

I was just flipping through the pages of a wedding magazine and noticed in back to back "real wedding" stories, the brides were wearing the same dress. What's interesting about this is that the dress was not the Monique Lhuillier (or was it Carmela Sutera) gown with the lace cap sleeves or spaghetti straps and gold sash that we've seen on every other bride since 2005. This dress was "unique". Created by a designer "in the know" and impossible to find online. I know, because I keep searching for it. Yet, here this dress is featured twice, in the same magazine. However, with the exception of the dress, both weddings are completely different in location, style, colors and taste. Unlike the Lhuillier and Sutera dresses that seem designed for a certain style of wedding, this dress is rather versatile - from an evening affair to barefoot on the beach - and it looks rather comfortable too. Perhaps that is the flaw in most wedding plans. Choosing a wedding dress that matches with the style of your chosen location rather than choosing a dress in your style and then finding a location to match. So what is your style? Here's how New York Magazine broke it down:

The Princess bride - strapless ballgowns and skirts with pickups.
The Delicate bride - dresses with feminine accessories like lace, flower pins and sashes (I picture a graceful ballerina gliding down the aisle in this dress, but not me).
The Bohemian bride - empire waist dresses.
The Adventurous bride - this bride will wear a mini-skirt down the aisle (only in my dreams).
The Dramatic bride - she's got all the bling and then some.
The Modern bride - likes unique and interesting shapes (I've got a unique and interesting shape of my own:).
The Sophisticated bride - pant suits, skirt suits, as long as it is a suit she can wear again (and again).
The Minimalist bride - simple and sleek sheaths.

You can bet I found my style in the Minimalist bride. What's your style?

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