Thursday, August 9, 2007

You have to feed US too

Many couples are surprised to learn that they're expected to feed their vendors. Not all vendors, just those who are working more than four hours at your event. However, they feel a sense of relief when they learn that the vendor meals cost a fraction of the event's meal. "Why can't they charge us that price for everyone?" they ask. Well, because most vendor meals are a cold sandwich, fruit and a bottle of water. But do you know for the same price of a cold sandwich you can request from your caterer hot vendor meals (which are not the same as a "room temperature" meal, which are usually, well, cold as ice)? Many caterers now offer couples a substitution meal for their vendors. A substitution meal is usually a lower priced meat than what's being served to your guests. Many vendors are surprised to learn that they can get a hot meal.


Jen said...

The group of vendors at my reception seems to be growing--DJ, Photog, Photobooth operator, Celebrant, etc. I understand feeding them, but am I expected to make seating arrangements for them as well? How do I integrate them into the seating chart?

Leslie said...

Jen - With the exception of your celebrant, you don't have to formally seat your vendors; they're not your guests. There's usually a "green room" or staging area where vendors usually keep their stuff. That's where vendors typically eat. If they eat at all.