Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why I love my job

This evening, I was having drinks with a past client. In a strange twist of fate, I sat down on the barstool right next to a guy I'd had a few dates with some years back. The last of which ended very badly. We chatted briefly, and I took that opportunity to apologize to him for my behavior. He was on a date, who seemed really into him, so I hope it works out. I was almost tempted to give him my card just in case it does. Afterall, he did ask: "how's that party planning business of yours going?"

But I digress, I love my job, because I got to take a few moments out of my 18-hour work day and sip on a Cosmopolitan while I listened to my past bride thank me (Leslie-Manning Events, rather) over and over for saving her life and bringing a professional's touch to her wedding. She even insisted on paying for the drinks. Who says this job is thankless? Okay...alright...I did...a few weeks ago, but that was only because I had forgotten about moments like these.


zandria said...

I linked to this in a post I did on people who love their jobs. :)

Leslie said...

Zandria - I checked out your blog. Great post!