Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poll: Are "green" weddings a movement or hype?

I was having a conversation with Kristen of RSVP Catering. Almost a year ago, RSVP started an organics division, aptly named Organix, which features local and sustainable catering menus. Kristen wanted to know if I've experienced any demand for organic catering from my wedding clients. She was conducting market research since RSVP wants to expand their division in the coming year. Frankly, no. I hear a lot of talk about "green" weddings. From vendors, wedding web sites, magazines and newspapers. I've even seen conversations about "green" weddings on some of the local bridal boards, but the "green" my clients seem most concerned with is the one sporting Benjamin Franklin's picture.

So, I’m conducting a poll, and I would love to hear from readers of this blog. I want to know if “green” weddings are more hype than an actual movement. Please vote (the polling box is to your right)! I’ll post the results later (assuming there are results to post).

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am planning a wedding and both my and my fiance are planning to use a caterer that can provide organic, seasonal, locally produced food. As far as other green elements go, I plan to send invitations on recycled paper and use locally grown flowers for the ceremony and reception. I hope this helps.