Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Party!: It's all about the lighting

Many years ago, in my single life, a group of us were having coffee at an all-night diner after partying all-night. “Is that the sun?” I asked our waiter as I notice a light creep across our table. “It sure is,” he said. “I hope you got a good look in the club," he said, referring to my "date."

Perhaps because I've spent so many hours on the phone this past week with various lighting companies, learning about everything from washes to trusses that I've been on the lookout for all things lighting related, which is the reason why I did not trash the CB2 catalog the moment I took it out of the mailbox, which is how I found these great uplights that you can use at home (run on? what run on?). According to the catalog, use them behind sofas, under paintings or to sculpt a blank wall OR to add ambient lighting at your next dinner party, so everyone looks good.

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Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

Leslie you are costing me a fortune in spontaneous spending sprees. STOP already!