Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"love, trust and drive"

I just watched the most touching and poignant wedding video, and that's saying a lot for me, because I'm not an advocate for wedding videography. It's a personal preference; most wedding videos I see are set to music, and to me something gets lost (then again, since most videographer's samples are only highlights of the big day, maybe I'm not seeing enough of them to form an accurate opinion). Either way, I'll never talk a client out of videography; I just won't talk them into it.

Recently, I received a couple of sample DVDs in the mail from local videographers, and thought it only fair to watch them. Plus, I like looking at other people's weddings. A two-fer! The one that peaked my interest came from Humanstory Films. It was done in a documentary format chronicling the the wedding of Justin and Kendall, and events surrounding it. The video was narrated by the couple and their family members and offered glimpses into their past and characters, which explained the personal touches they added to their wedding. I have no idea who Justin and Kendall are, but after watching the video, I felt as if I had gotten to know them, and was touched by their love (and no, I wasn't drinking wine either).

You bet I want my own Humanstory. I want to know what my family is saying about me behind my back. I hope it's better than what they're saying to my face.

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