Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Get Out Of Town (OOT)!

I stumbled upon a post about OOT bags today on the blog of a coordinator in my network, and I had to link it here. Fortunately, although I've been selling DC as a destination wedding city, I don't have many clients who do OOT bags. Usually, by the time it comes up in the discussion, they're so tired of spending money that the mere thought of creating gift bags makes their blood pressure rise. However, if you are planning to do them for your upcoming nuptials. Read this post by Nicole at RSVP Shindig first.


catwalq said...

I have been quite tickled by the American concept of big weddings. As a Nigerian, who worked in this industry prior to coming to this country, I am used to having to handle all sorts of issues for about 2000 guests.
Family only is about 150 people: the end results of coming from a polygamous society and also one that equates the number of children with wealth

Leslie said...

Really? WOW.