Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do I really need a Day-of Coordinator?

I’ve blogged about this before, but it bears repeating since I’ve answered this question no less than two times yesterday. My answer still remains: “People hire day-of wedding coordinators, so they can put their emotional investment in one person instead of many.” For every person who tells you that they did not hire a Day-of Coordinator that they had friends or family members coordinate their day, and it was a success, there are at least three people with less than charmed experiences to report. And here’s why: NO REAL SENSE OF OBLIGATION. If people do not feel a sense of obligation (i.e. they’re getting paid, their reputation is at stake, or the possible threat of a lawsuit due to a breach of contract), they do not always do what they have promised and will sometimes disappoint you when you need them most. A few days ago, I was doing something I should never do because it always makes my blood boil, I was reading the bridal boards. One post was from a past bride who was ranting about her cousin, who had agreed to make sure that all of the out-of-town guests staying at the host hotel got onto the shuttles going to the church. However, her cousin boarded the first shuttle to leave the hotel, so the bride had to stop getting dressed and go downstairs to the hotel’s lobby to ensure that all of the other guests were accounted for and made it onto the remaining shuttles. From there it snowballed because the bride was late; the ceremony started later; the reception had to be cut short, because of the other reception booked at the venue that evening. This bride was not happy. And I felt her pain. That said, not everyone cares about whether or not the ceremony runs late or if the reception was cut short (or worse if they had to pony up some extra $$$ in overtime fees) or that they, or their family members and guests, were not able to enjoy the day, but if you do, think long and hard about how you answer the question: “Do I really need a Day-of Coordinator?”

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