Sunday, July 1, 2007

seashells, see chocolate seashells

Just when I thought I've seen everything in seashell decor (including chocolate seashell favors), I learn about Chocolatex3, whose "candy chef's" create an awe inspiring selection of lifelike, chocolate sea shells cast in shapes of sand dollars, scallops, clams, starfish, conch and drills to name but a few. If you're planning a beach-themed wedding (or if you just want to binge on good gourmet chocolate), you must check out this site.


Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

Leslie- it is a small small world. I frequent this shop often as its in my hometown here of Cape Coral! Besides their yummy chocolate and fudge, they have beautiful cake decorating items.

Leslie said...

This is definitely something for me to look forward to when I visit your neck of the woods next year.