Friday, July 6, 2007

Rock, paper, cubes

Okay grooms, listen up. These are the conversations you miss when you don’t assist your bride with the planning. I was in a meeting with a client and the banquet manager at her wedding venue this morning. The topic was sugar. My client wanted to know if the venue would switch out their sugar packets and use cubes instead. They're more elegant. The venue was happy to oblige, pointing out that they will need to either rent or purchase tongs for guests to pick up the cubes. Guess where the cost of these rented or purchased tongs were going to end up? That's right, on my client's bill. That's when I suggested rock candy to the banquet manager. The clear and the brown ones. They're elegant, they'll sweeten your tea or coffee, and there's no need for tongs. Not to mention, no added costs to add to my client's bottom line. Small savings, but it counts!

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