Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Party!: Red, White and Drunk All Over

You know the old saying white meat, white wine, red meat, red wine. Do you find it useful? not so much. I'm going to share a secret: click on it here. This site makes me look like a star. Why? because it' s not your average run of the mill food and wine pairing site. It has more than 360,000 food and wine combinations, so not only do you get to learn about which wines work with a particular food, but you can also get a recommended brand. Then you get to look like a star at your next dinner party. But wait, there's more, if you're like me, who likes to sit on the couch and thumb through pages rather than scrolling through screens to get the information you need or want, then check out the site's creator Natalie MacLean's book Red, White and Drunk All Over. Happy Fourth!

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