Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Party Like A Rock Star!

My niece changed the theme of her 21st birthday party from "The Blackout" to "Party Like A Rock Star". She gets no points for creativity, and I get no points for being old. It was a good six weeks before I learned that "Party Like A Rock Star" is a song. A few music videos later, I realized I didn't have to change any of my ideas or plans (at least her "superstar" attitude is consistent). A good thing too, because I was really excited about my idea of using MOO Mini Cards for her invitations. On one side would be my niece's superstar photo and on the other, the details of the party. The invitations will also act as the entrance ticket to the event. The best part is I get 100 invitations for $19.95. Now, I can party like a rock star.

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