Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is the Wish List the new registry?

A few years ago, when my business partner was getting married, I remember going to her registry and seeing an item that was marked as a "wish," a $500 wine cooler, and I thought don't you wish.

Today, I was in one of those stores with a "wish list" and overheard a conversation between a couple and an enterprising sales associate. The couple was having a hard time picking out registry items. "We already have two of everything," the bride said. That's when the sales associate suggested they create a wish list instead and put on it all of the big ticket items that they will purchase for their new home eventually. He (the sales associate) said, "your guests will understand, and they will probably just pool with another guest to get you what you need." I'm not sure anyone needs a $500 wine cooler. Want? most definitely!

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