Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whatever became of photo albums?

Lately, I've noticed that fewer and fewer photographers are offering photo albums in their packages. Particularly, the traditional gilded edge matte books (which I love) that lasts forever. Today, they’re being replaced by the ever popular coffee table book digital albums. The ones where you can spill water on the pages and wipe them dry. No worries about fingerprint smudges or worse, someone lifting a photo. Many more photographers are now turning over the digital negatives to their clients, so they can go online at sites like Shutterfly and My Publisher and order prints, create slideshows and/or their own custom albums for a fraction of the price. But what about quality? I’m glad you asked. I was less than impressed with the album I created on My Publisher last year, but then again, what did I expect for 30 bucks? However, recently another coordinator introduced me to Blurb. And frankly, I’m impressed. Not only with their quality, but also because they offer a feature that I can use to turn my blog into a book. I'd probably only need to order one copy, but still, posterity.


Eric said...

These past few years everybody has wanted to 'do it themselves'. They want the CD with the digital negatives (which is a good thing), but the put off the nice albums.

That's unfortunate.

How many people never transfer the pics from their digital cameras to their computer, and of those who do, who actually gets prints made?

For 2008, 3 out of 4 of my packages include at least one album.

Leslie said...

Ooh Eric...I love your work!