Sunday, June 3, 2007

Something old

I felt inspired to write this post after reading another coordinator's blog where she talked about a bride coming to her with an idea that was "something new" to the bride, but "something old" to the coordinator. It reminded me of a meeting I had a year ago with a new client, who said: "I have this great unique idea for my reception, a chocolate fountain!" I tried, but it was impossible to hide my not-another-stinking-chocolate-fountain look. As an event planner, you always want to do something new and different. However, when it comes to weddings, the trends stick around longer, because brides are always changing, so while I may have been doing chocolate fountains since 2002, to the bride of 2006 a chocolate fountain is new, and will remain so until The Knot publishes an article that says this trend has been done to death. Put it to rest. Well, why wait for The Knot. Here's my list of "something old" wedding trends:
#1. The chocolate fountain (no surprise here).
#2. The candy buffet - thanks Martha! now go make some paper flowers or something.
#3. The head table (on a riser).
#4. The escort card picture frame favor. Unless you're spending $5 a pop on these ditties, save your money.
#5. The bathroom basket - When I did this for the first time back in 2003, it was a hit. Today, it's still a nice touch, but it's no longer unique...speaking of no longer unique...
#6 Custom-colored and engraved M&M's.
#7. The cupcake wedding cake.
#8. A CD of the couple's favorite love songs.
#9. A lighting gobo of the couple's initials.
#10. The perfect wedding - alright, it's not a trend, but it deserves to be listed. It does not exist, and therefore should only be used in quotes: the"perfect" wedding.


Carlie said...

Haha, too funny. All so true, glad someone finally came out and said it.

LaRissa said...

So, what are your suggestions for "something new" that is truly NEW?