Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something New

Something new is something "green"!

Last night, I was working on a Something New list and discovered after I had my top ten that 7 out of the 10 were also something "green," so rather than creating a new list of all the "green" ideas that are currently proliferating the internet and wedding magazines, I've decided to simply list my favorites:
#1 Growing your own wedding flowers or buying them freshly cut from the farmer's market - of course, this means hand-tying them yourself, so not only do you have to be eco-conscious, but also born with the Martha Stewart-esque gene.
#2 Replacing the wedding cake with a tower of chocolate-dipped strawberries and serving them with organic champagne.
#3 Eco-chic weddings by Emily Anderson - the new must-have wedding planning book.
#4 Yoga classes to get in shape (and de-stress) for the big day instead of "Buff Bride" boot camp.

However, there were a few items on my original list that I would still like to mention:
#1 Holga photography - Although I recently spoke to a photographer who said "why bother with Holga when there's Photoshop?"
#2 Personalized Hershey's kisses.
#3 Popcorn buffets.
#4 Rari blooming tea favors.
#5 Paper bouquets - thanks Martha!
#6 Lime green weddings, and
#7 Ice-cream bars - as in "bartender, make mine a double scoop 'o chocolate."


Eric said...

Green is the new Tiffany Blue

Leslie said...

Eric - It only seems so. While the press and the industry is making a big deal about "green" weddings, brides are still searching on Google for "Tiffany blue weddings" at a minimum of 5 searches per hour.