Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ice-cream and cocktails?

I am repeating this post which I originally blogged on June 12, 2007 because I've had this conversation twice in the last two days, so clearly it's a question still on many people's minds.
I blogged a few days ago about the ice-cream bar as "something new". Apparently, it begged clarification as I had a conversation this past weekend that went like this:

."Does the ice-cream bar replace alcohol at the event?"
"But they don't mix?"
Hey, wait a minute, who's the expert here? "Of course they do. As a matter of fact, you should always serve your guests dairy when serving alcohol; it slows the absorption of the alcohol, and ice-cream is dairy."
"I have a friend who threw up violently after having a glass of wine [at a restaurant] with her ice-cream dessert."
"Cheap house wine would make anybody hurl. It really doesn't matter what you eat."

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