Friday, May 18, 2007

What on earth is smart Sunday casual?

I've seen a lot of dress codes in my time: Black tie, semi-formal, business attire, business casual, resort casual, beach casual, california casual and city chic, but a few weeks ago I received an invitation with a dress code that stumped me: smart Sunday casual, so I called the host. "What on earth is smart Sunday casual?" I asked her. "It's like business casual," she said, "with a Sunday twist."


Brides (and grooms), when you've come up with a dress code for your wedding and/or wedding events, please spell it out (i.e. Men: long-sleeve shirts, no tie. Women: sundresses, slacks and blouses, no jacket), and never ever, ever, ever use words like "twist".

Now, I must go find that lime-green straw hat I bought last Easter.


Rhonda said...

Bravo! Great point Leslie. Even the standards of semi-formal, business casual, etc. stump a lot of people and may be interpreted differently. Save your guests the stress and confusion, just spell it out!

Leslie said...

Rhonda - I now know what on earth is smart Sunday casual: white slacks and floral print tops (lime-green straw hat optional).