Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tiffany blue Gerbera daisies?

I'm planning a wedding shower on a very tight budget, so today I visited Save on Crafts, my favorite online craft store, because of it's super deliciously low prices. Under "What's Hot", they have listed Tiffany Blue Weddings, although the color is closer to turquoise than robin's egg blue. Tiffany Blue tulle, ribbons, vase gems and Gerbera daisies (they're silk of course, but still, I couldn't stretch my imagination that far without feeling cheeeeesy). Then I went over to Plum Party, because they have really cool stuff (read: less cheese), but they sell napkins individually rather than in packs. Fortunately, inspiration is free. I would have considered my shopping time wasted had I not found beaded curtains like the ones used in Dreamgirls (for my nieces' superstar 21st birthday party). My shopping continues tomorrow...

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