Sunday, May 6, 2007

Souled Out

The manager of this group sent me a promotional DVD some months ago, and then followed up to see if I had received it. He seemed a bit perturbed when I told him I hadn't listened to it yet. "It's a DVD," he said. "You should watch it. They're very good." I'm sure every band that mails me their CD/DVD is "very good". The trouble is, they all sound the same to me. I'm more concerned that they have good references, a contract that's not laughable, a fair price, and most importantly, that my clients think they're "very good." Well, today I needed some music to help fuel my cleaning, and popped in the Souled Out DVD, finally; turns out they are very good.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Soul'd Out? A jazz/funk band where the lead singer has crazy hair?
Cuz if it's them, they are very good.

Leslie said..., but I'm sure they're very good too.