Monday, May 14, 2007

Mind that guest list

My niece asked me to plan her 21st birthday party. "Can you make it like one of those Super Sweet Sixteen parties on MTV?" she asked. "Certainly!" I assured her. However, we have one tiny problem, there isn't a Daddy Warbucks to bankroll the affair, I'm planning it with my money so she can rest assured that she will not be arriving by helicopter and 50 Cent will not be making a guest appearance. To that end, I gave her one simple task: to create a guest list. This weekend she showed me a list of maybe, I don't know, 300. There isn't any one person that she has come in contact with (i.e. the people ahead of her in line at McDonald's; the ticket booth clerk in the subway station; the guy who opened the door for her at Filene's), whom she hasn't invited to this party. I told her to take a blank sheet of paper and write on it all of the people from that list that she would invite out to a night on the town, and pay for their food and drinks all night long. She ended up with 20 people. "That's your guest list," I told her. "But Leslie," she said, "I want people to see that I'm a superstar." I told her that she can throw that party right after she inks a deal with Clive Davis (and I want to plan that one too). Right now she has to party with the people who already knows that she's a superstar. And that's 20 people.

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