Thursday, May 3, 2007

M is for Monogram

There is a shower curtain at Ballard Designs that I absolutely adore. It's black and white with a monogrammed "W" in the middle. It will work beautifully in my period bathroom. My own personal logo. However, these days with marriage looming, I'm considering something more modern, like the three-letter monograms that are currently popular at weddings. Traditionally, the wedding monogram consisted only of the bride's initials with her new last name in the middle (and usually larger than the other two letters). Today, however, it's become more popular to have the middle letter flanked by the bride and groom's first initials or to create your own using letters and/or names and putting them anywhere you want.

This morning I received the BFF Bridal newsletter. This issue featured a company named Love Letter Logos that will create a custom monogram for you starting at $300., with pre-designed logos starting at $75., which reminded me of former Knottie Kristin Sanchez, who did a monogram (see above) for one of my brides last year for $25. Her pre-designed prices have since gone up to $45., but at any price, having your own custom logo is one way to add personalization to your day and home.
As for me, I've decided to get the shower curtain with the single letter "B".

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