Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A destination wedding at home

I feel almost hypocritical for saying this since I am planning a destination wedding, but it is possible to have the charm, intimacy and the feeling of getting away that's the lure of the destination wedding without leaving home.

A few months ago, I entered a sweepstakes to win a $100,000 dream destination wedding (well, wouldn't you?). Anyhow, what I did win was a seemingly never-ending flow of destination wedding marketing materials from all over the world. This evening, while perusing brochures of castles in Italy, sandy beaches in the Caribbean, colorful Mexican villas, loft style city weddings and monumental celebrations right here in DC, it dawned on me that you can have almost all of these destination experiences without ever leaving home. Here's how: cut the guest list. Book a group of hotel rooms at a boutique property. Splurge on the welcome baskets. Pick up brochures at your local Convention and Visitors Bureau or Visitor's Center and arrange activities for your guests, bracket the wedding with two thank you events (rehearsal dinner and brunch), and hire an innovative, creative, organized, all-around wonderful wedding planner to pull it all together for you (yeah, that would be me:).

The pros - no lost luggage, jet lag, culture shocks, airport security and photographer travel fee.
The cons - Hey, this ain't Hawaii.


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