Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shower me with good food

I love the idea of a bridal shower, to shower the bride with good wishes and gifts, but, honestly, I would sooner watch paint dry than to sit through another afternoon of silly games and paper hats. Fortunately, these days, bridal showers have evolved, and have become more about style and food and personality, and less about tradition. Much like weddings! I love food and I love to cook, so naturally I bookmarked these recipes and shower ideas from The Food Network to share with anyone desperately seeking a new idea:

An Elegant Brunch
High Tea
Desserts only
A Coed Party, and
A Gadget Shower

Each party idea comes complete with recipes and drinks that include some of my favorite things: mimosas, scones, chocolate, caramelized onion toasts and fondue. However, these are just starters; from here the creative possibilities are endless. Sadly, the paper hat must stay. Where else would we put the bows?

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Bridezilla said...

Thanks for that link! A desserts-only party sounds fabulously sinful, I'll have to recommend that.