Monday, April 9, 2007

My uncomplicated top ten

A coordinator in my network did a top ten list on her blog. I love the idea so much that I'm borrowing it (thanks Linnyette!). Here are my top ten resources for an uncomplicated, yet undeniably elegant ™ wedding:

10. Stella Mars postcards for Save-the-Date notices. My favorite: "Mommy and Daddy are getting married!"

9. Eckington Wholesale Flower Market - You have to wake pretty early on a Saturday morning to get the good stuff (before the floral designers). Cheaper than retail. Not as cheap as trade. Fresh cut calla lillies in your vases by dinnertime with money left over to buy the wine. Priceless!

8. Click! for bridal shower gifts. My favorite: "Coffee for one." It's a french press for one with its own matching nesting mug (and it comes in a shade close to Tiffany box blue). She'll thank you.

7. Sur la Table for cooking classes and Eiffel Tower candle holders. I am anxiously awaiting my first client with a paris-inspired theme wedding. In the meantime, I'll sign up for the french cooking classes. I love this store.

6. I. Gormam Jewelers on 20th Street for "Jewelry Design Redefined." I couldn't put it better than their tagline. Some truly unique must-see wedding band choices here, especially if you have nightmares about Milgrain.

5. Perfect Details for your wedding accessories and bridal party gifts. Absolutely fabulous stuff.

4. Heart Paper Soul Weddings for custom programs, menus and ring bearer pillows in your colors. Oprah loves them, and so do I.

3. Luxury for luxurious honeymoons at slightly less luxurious prices. Shhh! don't tell a soul or the good ones will go before you've had a chance to purchase them.

2. Buzz cafe for cupcakes, coffee and forgetting about fitting into that dress for at least a couple of hours.

1. The Oh My Gosh Champagne from Wilson Creek Winery. Drink it in the limo on your way to getting hitched. It's an experience you won't soon forget (the getting hitched that is).


PalacePool said...

Can the general public purchase flowers there at the eckington flower place?

Leslie said...

Palace pool - Yes.

BTW, Great blog!

Sara said...

Great blog! You have such an elegant writing style, and I love the top ten list. Numbered lists are great for tips and tricks like this, I've seen them a lot on Thanks for the tips!

rachel said...

nice! you're a cool wedding planner.

Leslie said...

Sara - Thank you and thanks for the link. What a great site.

Rachel - Thank you!