Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's talk about wedding dresses

This morning I got an email that said "Wedding Dresses" was the number three most searched phrase on the internet yesterday. So, let's talk about wedding dresses!

The garment that you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl or since you met the one OR the one you thought was the one. I was doing some spring cleaning last week when I found a picture I'd cut out from a magazine some years ago. It was the dress. At the time, a wedding or marriage was the furthest thing from my mind. I was 22, living in New York City, and partying from Wednesday to Sunday with very little sleep. Yet this dress caught my attention, so I cut out the picture and had put it away for "one day." The dress was a strapless ballgown. Open mouth, insert foot. I will never say another negative thing about the Disney princess dresses ever again.

Today, I approach finding a wedding dress with a little more method. I want to find a nice dress and wear it rather than the other way around. It should be simple and elegant. I must be able to move it in; run in case of a fire and it must feel great on my body. To this end, I have to find a dress that suits my style, proportions, personality and coloring, and the back must have great detailing since that's what my guests will be focused on, and I am not kidding.

So, if you're starting a search for your wedding dress, it's trunk show season.

What's a trunk show? you ask.

A bridal trunk show is a special, in-store event that normally spans one to three days. With the beginning of each bridal season, fall and spring, the designer's collection goes straight from the runway (or showroom) to a series of trunk shows at retailers across the country. These events give brides the opportunity to preview the entire collection of gowns and to place orders on these styles months before they hit the stores. Additionally, brides may have the opportunity to meet the designer, or representative of the company, who will provide valuable advice and insight during each appointment.

Happy dress shopping!


Celia said...

I Knew you were a Disney princess at heart! I have to agree with you about the back - my dress was very ornate with hand-beading, especially in the back, but had a simple cut. I also do believe that our tastes change over the years, so if I had to pick out a wedding dress today, it would probably be very different!

Leslie said...

How different? I'd love to know.

At the time I picked out the princess ball gown, I also had the princess ball gown body.

These days I'm looking for a dress that makes me look 10lbs lighter and 10 inches taller. LOL.