Friday, June 25, 2010

I will let you in on the secret

No, not that secret. The secret to stressfree wedding planning. Actually, that's an oxymoron. Wedding planning is, by its very nature, stressful (and on so many levels). Therefore, finding ways to reduce and manage its stress is key. Hiring a wedding planner is one surefire way. However, there are stressors that a wedding planner will not be able to assist you with, those have to come from within, and therein lies the secret. Okay, it's not really a secret. It's common knowledge. It's been written about in countless wedding books and magazines. Yesterday, I was reading an article about succeeding in business. The author said the tricks I will teach you are not new, they're very well-known, "but just like knowing that exercise addresses weight issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean we actually exercise to lose the extra unwanted pounds. It’s not just about knowing something – it’s about acting on it too." The same goes for the secret: being decisive. Like exercise, it can be painful, dreadful and boring, but just as exercise improves your health and outlook on life, so will be making firm (and sometimes quick) decisions about your big day.

Now that I've told you the secret, I must go tell Oprah.

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