Sunday, April 1, 2007

A bad case of pixel envy

I decided I needed a digital camera for those events where the client doesn't want a photographer or the photographer wasn't paid, so he will not give me pictures for my portfolio (but that's another post altogether), so I walked into Best Buy and bought a 4.0 mega-pixel, black and silver beauty made by Vivtar for $70. I should have just walked to the nearest trash can and throw the money in it. Same difference. I had gone in to buy the $99 HP Photosmart, but since I'm camera stupid, I thought the one by Vivitar looked cooler and it was cheaper. A $29. savings. In Vivitar's defense, it's a great camera for travel. No worries about theft. It made me think of that cell phone commercial, where the guy is in Italy and someone steals his cell phone and he says "the jokes on him; it doesn't work in Italy. It doesn't even work at home."
So I've taken to borrowing friends' cameras for those special occasions and honestly, I haven't been impressed enough to upgrade mine, until I took this picture. This camera belongs to my business partner. It's a Nikon Coolpix S7c, 7.1 megapixels, 3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom. So much clarity. So much envy, that I marched right back to Best Buy to get myself a real camera, and got side-tracked by the Sony Cyber-shot. I guess I must be one of those "shiny people"; attracted to all things shiny. But I've learned my lesson with the Vivitar, I'm going to stick with what works as soon as I can find it. Unfortunately, it won't improve my photography skills (notice the cropping on the photo), just the quality of the image.


Needtsza said...


I feel ya dood.

I love my little digital but I'm so ready to upgrade to a nicer one.

Prolly will make you a better photographer.

Good luck to us both on getting a new one .... whenever that is

Eric said...

Every photographer will tell you - Its' not the camera - It's the photographer.

Leslie said...

Eric - Good one!