Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And again I say, all is not lost

I said in my blog yesterday that the only thing better than the Wedding Podcast Network's Podcast featuring the experts that were at the New York Magazine Weddings Showcase last week, would be a DVD of the event. Tada! Well, close. A young lady named Meghan, from Electrolux, sent me this link. It's called the E list, and it features exclusive content from master chefs such as Geoffrey Zakarian and Bon Appetit Executive Chef Cat Cora and expert entertainers including Colin Cowie. I got to see Colin in action afterall. The list features three video snippets of Colin teaching us about proper wine storage, how to create edible centerpieces and how to decorate a store bought cake for a shower and/or wedding. What's great is that text instructions of the video is also provided, so you can print it and take it to the store and have it handy when you try to re-create Colin's work. I LOVE this stuff! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go decorate a cake. ...

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