Monday, March 19, 2007

What I learned from The Designer Guys

Yes, I'm a lame-o. I love to watch that show where those three Canadian men work in tandem to create cohesive interior design. Remember my earlier post about the senses? well, it's a known industry fact that in order to make an event more memorable, you must incorporate all five senses - touch, scent, sound, taste and sight. The most difficult of these is "touch." If you were watching Top Design a few nights ago, you saw that one group of the designers incorporated "touch" into their event design through the flooring. The hard wooden texture of the dance floor versus the carpeted flooring in the rest of the space presented a different feel underfoot.'s no wonder they lost. Enter The Designer Guys. They have suggested that another way to incorporate "touch" into a room is the use of fans. Not at high-speeds to blow away your decor, but at speeds enough to create a feeling of movement. "A gentle breeze obviously appeals to one's sense of touch - moving air so to speak." Thanks Canada!

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