Saturday, March 3, 2007

I've won at life

I was initially going to title this post "why I've stopped wearing my engagement ring."

I was having a conversation with a miserably single friend of mine. Her words, not mine. She describes herself as "miserably single." She said she's sick and tired of seeing these women in DC walking around wearing these huge diamond engagment rings and doing everything to get them noticed. As if to say, 'look at me. I'm getting married. I've won at life!' I could empathize with my friend. I used to be miserably single myself. Back then I thought the tag "miserably single" only applied to single women planning weddings for people who are madly in love. Then one day I was engaged, and I must admit, those first few months afterwards, I did enjoy wearing my ring and showing it off, even though it was a half-size too big and would spin around and bruise the skin between my fingers. Then one day I decided that I really didn't like it and stopped wearing it.

I wasn't being materialistic or shallow, I had just decided that I didn't need the ring. I knew in my heart that I had won at life, and it wasn't because someone gave me a ring and asked me to marry him, but because I had found someone that I was willing to marry.


Celia said...

But I LOVE your ring!!

Leslie said...

You can have it! Just kidding. My betrothed says as long as I wear the wedding band, and his picture tattooed on my chest (okay, kidding again).