Friday, March 23, 2007

Hot Cocktails

Or should I say warm cocktails? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the stems on wine glasses serve a purpose? A few days ago a friend sends me a link to Crate and Barrel. "Check out the stemless drinkware," she says. "Nice." I told her, "but I hold on to my drink too long. It'll get hot in my hands." Here's a cool experiment. The next time you order an Apple Martini, hold on to the drink for longer than 30 mins. As the drink warms up it changes color, just like a bruised apple. Anyhow, whether or not I find purpose for these new glasses, they're being used at some of the hottest parties this year. The photo above was from Domino magazine's eco-friendly cocktail party to celebrate their March "green" issue. These glasses were used to serve the specialty cocktail of the evening: a pomegranate orange blossom spritzer with fresh pomegranate seeds. Well, at least your drinks will look cool.


Celia said...

I don't like the stemless glassware! It looks like it would be difficult to hold onto and I'd end up spilling red wine on my dress!

Leslie said...

Might I suggest a nice white...just kidding...I'm betting the makers of the cool new cocktail reception plates, you know the ones with the hook for the stem of your wine glass, so you could free your hands to eat more food, are pissed!