Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clink, not clunk

At a party a couple of days ago, I was telling a friend that I had started drinking red wine, because I was too impatient to wait for white wine to chill. The truth is that I was really bored one day and I had heard about a Sideways wine tasting party, so I went. I was in a room full of wine snobs who were complaining about the glasses, and the whole time I just wanted to yell: "No f---ing Merlot!" (BTW, I got a really great deal on Merlot that night. Cheap!). What I did learn at that party from a fellow wine-o, was that the fastest way to chill white wine is by submerging it in a bowl of ice surrounded by water for about 10 minutes. The entire bottle mind you, because if you don't submerge it fully, the wine will not get all the way cold. This was great news for me since I absolutely love champagne. At my local wine store, the champagne sits next to the sparkling wine and the difference is about $20 a bottle, so most of the time by champagne, I mean sparkling wine. But I did also learn that night to appreciate the Pinot grape, and that Syrah tastes better than Shiraz (overheard a conversation), and do not get anywhere near the cheese plate if you do not want the hungry lady in the red turtleneck to accidentally bite your fingers.


Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

Oh my gosh Leslie- you just never fail to crack me up.

Leslie said...

Kelly - you should have been there.