Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My wedding planner, my financial advisor

There’s no mistaking, “budget” is a huge part of planning any event. I deal with all kinds on a daily basis – large budgets, small budgets, medium budgets, even imaginary budgets. When I hear the word “budget” from my clients, I immediately assume there’s money sitting in a bank someplace that’s earmarked for this event. Sometimes, however, “budget” means a sum of money the couple feels comfortable with spending on their wedding, but this money is in the wind so to speak. I tend to find this out very early on in the process, usually around the time I submit the first set of vendor proposals. And hear me when I say this: it doesn’t get any better as the planning ramps up and total due figures get bigger. More often than not, when things go bad financially during the planning process, the wedding planner, the buffer between the couple and their vendors, take the heat. It is no wonder many wedding planners have begun to offer financial planning as part of their “services offered” or dole out financial advice during consultations like they're named Suze Orman. Me? I prefer to take a more passive approach and will sometimes cut out or email articles on financial advice to my clients. My thinking is that sound financial advice is a benefit whether or not you’re planning a wedding or special event. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love and Money
Financial Planning for Newlyweds


Stephanie Marcotte said...

Hello, My name is Stephanie Marcotte. I live in New York and i am concidering a career in wedding planning. I have many questions and concerns. I am still very young, but i am very excited about getting to know more about the business. Thank you for your time.

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